It's a jungle out there, especially in the used car market.

In recent years many clients have taken advantage of our experience and sales ability. Our Brokerage offer takes away the fear and worry of selling your vehicle personally, stops all the aggravation and cost of loading time and time again the same details onto each selling website.

For example, Who would be the best website to use? eBay? Auto Trader? Piston heads? Motors? and there's easily another 40-50! Blue Dragon Cars marketing net is spread across over 35 sites, giving potential sellers instant access to market.

Plus we do it all for you, Photographs are professionally taken and edited to get the best quality presentation of your vehicle, This ultimately attracts greater value for your car.

Your choice to stay in the car whilst we market it or have it stored securely at our site Near Freeport, Braintree.

Recent Brokerage sales have included; Porsche GT Gen 2, Ferrari 355, Vauxhall Astra, Nissan Nevara, Harley Davidson and these are just a few.